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Hm...So I thought Sayuri was the fastest character in Uprising, but I guess Leviathan is. I played him today for the first time...He's hard as bloody hell to play as since he only starts with one health unit. I had a lot of fun though because he's the fastest character. I may level him up too since I do care for having a lot of speed in that game. I'll level him up more and get him more life gryaaaaaaaaaaa---ack!!! Harley is the slowest character, sadly. :-( Harley's still my favorite character, though...He's the only character who would get squashed and killed by a pillar, then proceed to scream "I'M A BADASS" while dying. I laughed...So hard at that.

I probably play best as Sayuri though. She's Strider's female counter-part. I got to the final boss all by myself with her (I also got through every stage with her), and managed to kill the final boss! It didn't count though because I accidentally slipped off a missile and died before I could complete the stage. I rage quit after that... I was only able to beat the game playing with Adam, but that's because Adam's Harley has 30 lives so if I died I could start mooching Adam's lives. I want to say I beat the game by myself as Sayuri but you know...The game likes to torture you with an impossible jump if you want to have fully cleared the final stage.

... ... ... I want to cosplay Sayuri sooooo bad.
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