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So...Suikoden Tierkreis. This is the first Suikoden game I'm enjoying since II. I liked Suikoden III's story (I got the manga for it and everything), but I could never really get in to the game play.

The game play is smooth quick and precise. The music is pretty good. The graphics can be a bit choppy, but otherwise are aesthetically appealing and vibrant. You buy a new weapon and it actually shows up on your battle sprite, which is nice. The voice acting can be a little annoying but at least the dialog is generally short, sweet, and concise (plus you can hit the speed through dialog button if you don't wanna hear/read the chit-chat). The characters need to work together and combine their abilities; there isn't any character that feels specifically over-powered. But that's one of the charms in Suikoden games -- having to work together with the other characters instead of a few specific characters overpowering one another in strength/story.

If you're a fan of traditional turn-based RPG's or past Suikoden gameplay then you probably wouldn't mind the game play in this. Characters are able to combine attacks. If you like gateways to other worlds, then you'll probably enjoy this (heh heh heh heh).

I am a bit upset about lack of rune system...

The main character is a let-down to me; his lines are kinda lame and he's generally uninteresting to me. This game takes place in a different world so don't expect to see any characters from the old games to show up.

The character designs don't make me wanna vomit. They have this nice natural flair to them. They aren't obnoxiously cute, bishie, or fanservice-y.

If you're a big Suikoden fan, I would suggest giving this game a try.
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