I'm sorry...But this is hilarious...

I had an awesome dream last night. Basically I was driving a tank to North Carolina for some reason. I stumbled upon this group of gay British Indie/Pop singers on the side of the highway who fell in love with the tank and asked to ride in the tank to North Carolina with me. They kept singing random stuff while I drove down the highway in my tank, haha. Then there was a tornado randomly on the highway and everyone fled for their lives. But we just kept driving...The tornado literally hit the tank but nothing happened, the tank did not even budge, ROTFLMFAO. Then we arrived at North Carolina and decided to destroy crappy hotels by the ocean with the tank before a hurricane arrived that would probably knock over the hotels anyways.

I loved this dream. S rank dream. I woke up sad because nothing awesome like this would ever happen in my lifetime. :P
Deadly Egyptian cobra search at Bronx Zoo in New York

Staff at one of the most prominent zoos in the US continue to hunt for a deadly venomous snake that escaped from its pen on Friday.


LOL. Awesome.
If life was like an RPG and you got in to a random battle encounter fighting me, I'd want this song to randomly start playing in the background.

Okay...Making a post of some of my all-time favorite game songs.

Favorite game songs...Under a cut, this may break your internet )
I have not tried Marvel vs Capcom 3 yet...But I am looking forward to Nathan Spencer. Mike Haggar too...
I was browsing Wren's folders today and found an old picture Anna drew me of Nephenee (Fire Emblem) as a Centaur KNTE from Shining Force. X3

I miss Anna...I wonder how she's been...

Nephenee Centaur KNTE )

Annaaaaaa :o

... *goes back to drawing something for Rob*

Wooooah :O

Jan. 25th, 2011 10:22 pm
I'm really digging this song...The bass line is fantastic. @_@

Lion (Leon) and Chaltier Caramelldansen. I am sorry but I must post this *gets shot*. Hehehehe. It's adorable that Chaltier in sword form dances.

Polar Bears 'Playing' with Spy Video Cameras

A Macross game for PSP where you can make your own pilot. Haha, it sort of reminds me of the old mech school role-plays just with Macross.


Do want. o.o
I got a rice cooker, a new mp3 player, and pepper spray for the holiday. Rob got me Ys: The Oath in Felghana (which I've been playing since I woke up this morning, it's addicting).

I'm gonna make chicken teriyaki bowls in the rice cooker. I'll try to make them like Jack in the Box chicken teriyaki bowls.

*now commencing Jack in the Box nostalgia* Siiiiiigh. <\3

Music Post

Dec. 23rd, 2010 05:16 pm
Rupert battles ftw. :O

D&D quiz taken from Rob )


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