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Created on 2010-12-23 16:29:16 (#682179), last updated 2011-12-27 (299 weeks ago)

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Name:Jessica Hero
Birthdate:Aug 15
Website:Wish List

My other journal: [personal profile] sebastian_bores
[profile] fannar_baldur

Myers-Briggs personality type: INTJ

My Enneagram Type:
5w6 - The Investigator
Thinkers who tend to withdraw and observe

Putting this test result on my bio because it pretty much sums up who I am.
Though quiet on the outside, you are often the hidden hero; someone who rushes in when needed and then after the emergency is over fades back into the woodwork. Because of this sense of duty and honor, you can also on occasion be rigid in your viewpoint and unyielding in the face of other ways of thinking. Usually cynical and rarely trusting of others, you maintain a small set of intimate friends. These bonds are stronger than most. You are always grounded in the present moment. Your close bonds can also lead to clique-ishness and a tendency to gossip about those who are deemed less worthy. You are an integrative thinker, collecting data from a wide range of sources and applying it to your worldview. You can become overly task-oriented. In stressful situations you often withdraw from the world to seek peace in contemplation. You often seem cold and withdrawn. Often you will withdraw rather than verbalize your discontent.

If you wanna know the games I've been playing, then check out my Raptr. My Raptr button is located below.

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You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.
— Winston Churchill
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